And a brand new one I haven't named yet

Her footfalls on the stair come in like pizzicato hits
My heart falls back then rushes then arrives and barely fits
I morgage my breath as she comes in and finally sits
And before I'm braced she's speaking and I die as she admits

It was better in the morning like she thought that it would be
Scrubbed translucent by the morning and the time away from me
Then her eyes and heart snap shut the way that camera shutters close
I carve a quiet truce with god from wraught iron and stone

So hell,
What's a bottle cost?
Seems a good place to get lost
As I sit and watch her heart turn much the way a penny spins
Do it again, Do it again, Do it again.

I wrestled and I sweat and somehow only got this song
And it was gone when I went back to find the page I set it on
And it was something more than circumstance but inches shy of fate
How can I burn for so long and fail to incinerate?

Still I try to find the perfect words to fix in amber verse
In hopes of laying my palm on that long stomach of hers
My fingers on her throat and that amalgam of a face
My feet cement in knowledge that I'm easily replaced

So hell,
What's a bottle cost
After what she had and tossed?
Since I haven't got the time or fuel to tell you where I've been
Do it again, Do it again, Do it again.

So shit, man
What's a bottle cost
After everything we lost?
The memory repeating like the chorus to a hymn
Do it again, Do it again, Do it again,

Don't need to subtract her to remind me I'm alone
I'm never far from seperateness or home...

I wasn't so preoccupied with everything I lack
But sometime after Christmas I lost faith and I looked back
I stood, a little salty, like I always knew I would
I guess these are the dividends accrued for being good

So now you'll know me by my willingness to smile and twist the knife
and every time that belly shows I'll ease it in the side
A backstroke on a wet stone for every love you had that died
and the plastic stink of burning hair on clothes she left behind

Because this
Is what her absence brings
More small shiny things
That I absolutely have to have but did without back then
Do it again, Do it again, Do it again.

Lest we forget
The pains that we endured
to remain the cynosure
And try to bend excuses into something like amends
Do it again, Do it again, Do it again.

So hell,
What's a memory worth?
How 'bout everything on earth
'Cause I don't care the pain incurred to relive everything
Do it again, Do it again, Do it again.


Anonymous said...

ah, a song with a hook. or two.

Anonymous said...

I knew I recognized the lyrics you posted today; Your songs have become a part of me...

Mary said...

This is one of my favorites.
Ditto what gina said about your songs.