August, Whatever

I don’t mean to stare - must be creepy as hell
But you’re as pretty as a country road or a wishing well
I’m changing your name to slide it in a song
I could wait a thousand years but don’t take too long.
Or take a thousand years or a thousand lives
Or a thousand boyfriend’s time or a thousand miles.
Another stupid day slid right by
I need you to tell me something nice.
Time and time and time begins and ends and starts again
In summer our days don’t start ‘til after ten
Our sunshine was neon signs - drunken kisses under sodium lights
And a one armed tan from driving home
As morning turned our soft hearts into stone.
June is yours - but I get July
Then I rename you August if that’s fine.
You can call me May, ‘cause I’m soft as hell
And I’ll be your country road or wishing well
We throw our backs out throwing dimes
‘Til I can burn for warmth and you can shine
And we’ll never again be afraid of night
I’m only half awake driving into dawn
As morning turns our mute hearts into song
And you wrote all the words - don’t take too long.

1 comment:

Mary said...

I’m changing your name to slide it in a song.

Damn, that's good.
Speaks volumes.