Boch's Car

The last of my wishes went unheard.
It's never too late for some despair.
But who the hell cares - the way you dance?
And when you don't dance it's just dead air.
The last of the moonlight drown in the carpet,
Under the winestains and footprints you left behind.
But who the hell cares - the way you look?
And when you don't look you don't see mine.
So maybe I'm empty, maybe not,
From your locale you'll never know.
And maybe you bent and almost broke, but maybe,
Your corruptions all for show.
So cheat me out of one more wish,
I'll take my lessons like a man,
And you can hold me to my word.
Take me out of all your math,
It's not your job to understand.
I think I understand enough for both of us.
I'm trying to hate you but I can't.
It's probably too late to start to pray.
I know this is not my chance to love,
But you leave me with debts I can't repay.
I never did kiss you all the way.

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