Brand New

Even as I sit here you fade away
You left one of your cigarette butts in my ash tray
And for some reason I’m reluctant to throw it away
I sit and listen to my breathing as you wash over me
Turquoise and silver and shades of green
And the hope that I can get outside of me.
From your throat to your toes
From your hair to your soul
You’re in me.
If you’re lost and alone
Then I could be your home
Come and see.
And on beautiful days
You could come out to play
Hand in hand.
Seeking St. Valentine
With your hips under mine
And I was thinking of the right words to say to you
Pitch black, bright red and pale blue
My tongue pushes into my teeth so it won’t do
All the things it demands
Kissing wrists, holding hands
Skin to skin.
With your throat in my mouth
And my lips sliding south
We begin.
With your heart in my teeth
As I struggle to keep
All my strength
And your hand on my chest
As you arch to accept
All my length
Let’s shoot straight
I want you but I can wait
Isn’t it better to anticipate
Or maybe to participate
In hopes that you reciprocate
From your heel to your spine
I can make your eyes shine
I’m in you
And it’s beautiful here
It’s alive and a clear
Pale blue
Do you want me to stop
Or should I unlock
Perfect you?
From my spine to my heel
Darling you make me feel
Brand new.
Brand new.
Brand new.

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Anonymous said...

darling you make me feel
brand new.
brand new.

the anthem line of lovers as we grow older.