Face First

Play piano while the morning sings,
I kinda knew it'd be a crazy night.
Guess we'll find out what tomorrow brings,
It's probably nothing but we'll give it a good try.
Face first into the silence.
Face first into the warmth.
All or nothing ain't got me no where,
It's just I want you so much it burns.
Consider me a small, shiny thing.
Consider me the very soul of night.
It's just that
All that time that I spent fucking up
I can not justify, now, in love's light.
Words will never touch the silence there.
Stirring loneliness with empty air,
Words will never be able to touch you there.
So break the spine and pull the insides out.
Maybe burn it for some warmth instead.
If my soul could sing the song would make you see
There's a thousand years to live with our regrets.

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