Drew a card for you drew the star for you
Drew a hanged man for me
Had it tattooed on my arm
A totem to keep me from harm
Made a cup of tea for you tried to read the leaves for you
Lit a cigarette for me
I’m wishing that I could say we
But so far it’s still you
And me.
Gemini am I
Wind and sky am I
Fueling fire for you
Lost and scared am I
Blank stare am I
Sailing high and enjoying the view.
Tried to find a place for you so I could get a taste of you
Planted roses for me
But before I would cover the seeds
I’d drop in a small piece of me
Tried to make a nest for you, I wanted rest for you
Hung myself from a tree
My ankle supporting the weight
Praying the bough doesn’t break
I’m quiet and coiled like a snake
Gemini am I
Open sky am I
Blowing ashes on you
Too much beer am I
Always near am I
Spreading out and enveloping you……
I tested my will and I sat very still
But somehow you still noticed me
Cut my thumb and I left all the blood
In places I thought that you’d see
Learned to meditate for you
So I could separate from you
Instead separated from me
I was found upside down in a tree.

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Michelle said...

i hate that you're not here beside me now. but i can't hear your voice right now. i know i'll feel better but i'm not ready yet. i think you're all i have left today.