We sit down for a few beers to talk it all out
You think I don’t hear, but you’re clear and you’re loud.
And you’re loud and you’re clear and I’m watching your mouth
I wonder if you hear you’re just thinking out loud
And I want you.
You’re saying too much and I know it’s unsafe but
The words temper and touch and I want you to feel safe
I hold you like glass
You won’t have to ask
More than once, I’m inclined if your hand finds mine
I hold you like glass.
We sit down for a few beers and to show off our scars
It’s an excuse to be near - but you’re never too far
And I want you.
I knew that we’d meet but I didn’t know why
Just pick up both feet and trust that we fly
I mapped it all out
You were never in doubt
More that once, I’m inclined should your heart find mine
I was never in doubt.

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