I told you my heart,
Like water from stone
Did it ring in your ears like the noise of a storm
Or did it touch you somehow?
I mapped it all out,
Thought I should lead with my joy
But I left with my sorrow,
I built it between us - more walls that we've found.
What in the morning's a bed
Becomes a temple at dusk,
The flesh and the ghosts, the guests and the hosts;
Tell me - where have you been?
And did you learn to play nice?
Did you learn to sit still?
Did you learn to pretend that the scars don't exist,
Or that sadness is sin?
And once in a lifetime someone moves your lifeline
And turns all the sawdust to gold.
Now that I've found you I'll find a way 'round you
You're too much to just let you go....
You'll need shelter to grow,
So, Lord, make me an oak.
You can hide in my arms, or burn me for warmth
Tell me what you might need,
Now I've wet my lips
And I'm holding your secret,
I'm keeping it safe in my hands and my heart,
Where I want you to be.
I'm adding things up
Like silence and warmth
Haven't fallen quite yet but the strength of it all
Gives breath to a fear
And it gives blood to a joy
And voice to a hope
That the space between us can be turned into song
And that's all that you hear....

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