Mind if I pick your locks and come inside?
You can leave your nightgown on the floor
'Cause you won't need it.
I'm sure there's nothing left to hide.
They're selling funeral plots and bags of lime
For our romance - guess that we won't need it.
I'm sure there's nothing left inside.
I call your house, there's no one there.
You're everything but you don't care.
We live in Hope, but we die in Despair.
I tell you I love you and you just stare;
Is that fair?
I'll read you Leaves Of Grass and make you laugh,
But then I'll doubt and make you cry.
You must know that's not what I meant
I'd rather kiss your neck and comb your hair
Than listen to a dial tone as you pretend the phone's not ringing.
In my hopes that's not how it went.
I try other girls, but it's no thrill.
I think I won't then I find out I will.
Guess I've got some time to kill.
You leave my life, I've got to live here still.
And I never thought I'd have to live without you.

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