No one needs to bother speaking to me
I’ve got antagonistic memory
It seems to cover things quite thoroughly
And if it’s not enough it’s gonna have to be
And why is all of this important now
You never seemed to care much anyhow
While all this time was spilling out the sides
But you were always so preoccupied
And why does what you want eclipse my needs
Not that you’re cruel you’re just not listening
I cried the whole way through New Mexico
But left the light off so no body would know
I couldn’t make the desperation go
And I was so concerned that it would show
I didn’t need to hide so carefully
You were there but you weren’t listening
I was surprised that you didn’t know
That I was in pieces and ready to go
You were just fine, but ready to go, too
I wanted to tell you
I wanted to tell you just how much I love you
And I was amazed that you didn’t notice
That I am in pain and I thought you should know this
And I am appalled and devoutly believe
There’s nothing but feathers where your heart should be
And after all of this has been and gone
I’m no obstruction to your moving on
I’m fading quietly in blue and gray
In every open wound your fingers made
There’s little point in telling what I’ve seen
I’m sure you care but you’re not listening

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