Found a heartbreak like a flower
They been growing wild like weeds.
All I need’s another hour,
Another hour’s all I need.
Tattooed your name across my rib cage
So I don’t forget the pain
How the hell did I reach this age
Almost better, almost bright, almost sorry, almost sane.
I can’t remember is this my blood or yours?
And on cold days when the rain soaks through my skin
It doesn’t matter anymore.
You reached down my throat and pulled me inside out
By a handful of my heart.
How was I the only person who never noticed from the start.
That the ending was more Aesop than O. Henry
In the end we tore apart.
And I can’t remember is this my hope or yours?
And in the summer when the sunshine takes my clothes off
It doesn’t matter anymore.
Can we please forget we loved at all
Memory’s the longest road, love’s the longest fall.
As we pinwheel through the days
Drift untethered toward the stars
That was my love, this is my heart, these will be scars
And I can’t remember is this my love or yours?
And late at night with your memory as my blanket
It doesn’t matter any more.

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