Monsters and Angels

Tell me how easy I am to forget
There’s no need to hurry, we can always regret.
So what if my memory keeps coming back?
Sleeps on your pillow, kisses your neck.
Tell me how hard it is to heal
We’re losing our focus and we won’t reveal
The distance we’ve fallen what growing has cost
We started as angels where did we get lost?
I can forgive and I can forget
I can accept, but I’m not there yet
I could resign and I could deny
I can pretend that I’ve lost my eyes
But you’re still a world away
And there isn’t a thing I can say
To make you stay.
Remind me how tender this all started out
Remind me how simple I must have forgot
I’m always aching and I don’t know what about
So what if I’m thinking you’re something you’re not
What if we’re monsters? And what if we’re angels?
And what if we’re lovers? And what if we’re strangers?
What if we’re growing? And what if we’re grown?
Why are you going? Why am I alone?
Didn’t you know that I’d have to get near you?
In order to touch you in order to heal you?
Don’t you remember the way we were feeling?
As big as the sky? unlimited ceiling?
Isn’t it crazy that you even found me?
Now I hear heaven collapsing around me
The clouds will rain fire the earth opens wide
But we never did and we lost paradise
But I’m still a world away
And there isn’t a thing you can say
To make me stay.

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