Pale Blue

And I was thinking about you
And I was thinking about me
I sometimes look away,
But I’ve been listening.
I racked my brain to find a phrase that only you and I would know
So I could place it in a song for a smile and a wink at the show
But they were obvious or a rune
As May slides into June
Like I’d slide into you
So light a candle by the bed so you and I can make a nest
And let these words run through your head because it’s all I have left
To give to you
Pale blue.
I’ve got gas in my car
If you’re running away
We can drive all night and fuck all day
Until we’re oceans away
But would anything change?
It kills the fantasy to say that the local’s new
But the problems the same.
So stay your mind on this instead if I could bend space and time
I’d water color in your head sage, rosemary, and thyme.
I’d write it down in neat rhyme
For me to give to you
Pale blue
I left the window to my room opened up over night
While I was sleeping the moon and the stars came inside
For me to give to you

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