Color me.

You don’t want to know what I’ve been doing with my time
Suffice to say that it’s been empty.
I don’t really care about myself when I’m alone
I need somebody else to tempt me.
I wonder if you want to get messed up and mess around
Just to find out if you’ll let me.

You can color me any shade you want
As long as it’s blue.
There’s long tablecloths at my favorite restaurant
If that means anything to you.

I don’t want to talk about the worries on my mind
To say I’m lonely says it all
I don’t want to think about the feelings I can’t find
Don’t want to think or talk at all.
I’d rather hear you tell me all the things that make you you
Say anything at all.

You can mother me any time you want
And if you want I’ll mother you
I’ll let you handle me any way you want
Anything you want to do.

There’s a verb or two I want us to explore
Like every inch of you and me
There’s a fantasy that seems to beg for more,
I could describe explicitly.

I kinda want to show you all the contents of my heart
I’d really like to make you feel secure.
I want to know how far that we can push this nudity
I want to see how much you can endure
You can see how many things will fit inside my mind
My aim is true but thoughts impure.

You can kiss me any where you want
And for as long as you want to
You can undress me any time you want
I’ll see everything through

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