I want of this song a trumpet
To knock down the walls between us
Like Gabriel and Jericho
Like no one’s ever seen us.
Seraphim and Cherubim,
Mercury and Venus.

I pulled myself out of the river
By a handful of my hair
I slept with death, held my breath
Stepped out on to the air.
Looked around for softer ground
There wasn’t anywhere.

Is this craziness exciting?
My nakedness inviting?
My forearm hides the words I tried -
No, you can’t see what I’m writing.

I want of this pain some wisdom
To quiet raw emotion
When you undress my loneliness
Go down on my devotion.
We could never be too sure
If it’s a puddle or an ocean.

So open all the windows
And let down all your hair
And look around for softer ground
There isn’t any there,


I want of the world a memory
Of you and I alone
We’re insecure and can’t be sure
If we’re carved out of stone
I’m mine and you’re your own.

It isn’t far to travel
We can make it over night
We’re insecure and can’t be sure
Baby please put out the lights,
I’ll try to make it right

I see us in the mirror
Me trying to pull you into myself
If we belong together then
There’s just one way to tell
We let it take us where it will

I want of this song a razor
To dissect wrong from right
We’re never sure if we belong with anyone
But let’s experiment tonight.

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Anonymous said...

the kind of great that will bring me back again and again... each time seeing and feeling something new, bit by bit, until the whole is a part of me.