Threw a handful of seed to see if anything would grow
And if nothing ever blooms, well, no one has to know.
Slid my hand between the buttons of your shirt to feel your heart beat underneath your ribs.
I missed the song your pulse was singing, I was listening to your skin.

I find my fields are fallow
I find my heart is callow
The ocean that I offered you was shallow.

Cut a piece off of my shirt to dress the wounds you try to hide
You left the rag on my front porch as soon as you could get outside.
I’ll give you everything I have - destroy everything to salve the pains you hold as points of pride,
But you give it all away as soon as you were out of sight.

The sunlight fades to fallow
My intentions somewhat callow
And the emotions that I felt for you were shallow.

Every place on me your fingertips have found now bears a scar.
If under your embrace my spine should break then blow the pieces through the yard.
Where maybe roses bloom where bone fragments have nestled in the grass,
And if nothing ever grows the grass is greener for the ash.

The cuts you left are shallow
They just need butterflies and aloe
And every mark you left on me is hallowed.

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