Afterward, with times altered to reflect this.

I also keep finding the irony in that drugs and alchohol make us less able to be ourselves with any precision, yet we consider them integral parts of socializing. What does that say about us?

What kind of monsters are we that we require a little play in the steering to get along and meet people?

I guess I keep asking these questions because of this anger management I'm inflicted with. All of these utopian ideas would work great on a better species. More and more, however, I sort of consider all these violent people around me on monday nights as the heirs to the fucked up world we made. They should be royalty if we really look at our values.

In a world like the one I know, the one we made, the criminal is the last rung of the evolutionary ladder. We have a place where the values are to get what we want with as little effort as possible. The average drug dealer has figured that out. You can make a few thousand a week just hanging out and having people stop by. Please don't misunderstand me, I think we should all work for a better world, I just wish every endeavor toward reform wasn't so useless. Fucking futile. We're just not inherently good all the time. We're selfish and we need to suffocate our nature to be better. It takes a lifetime of cultivated mindfulness just to stop wanting things and take responsibility for our actions.

Done. For now.


Arethusa said...

Some criminals may be at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder but many many people at the top are those who managed to straddle both sides, being the hard-worker and the criminal egotist. IMO

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Good point, Arethusa. Also, I'm not sure it would take a lifetime if we educated our children properly, i.e. to include ways of doing this and what the point of it is, instead of just cramming them with facts and techniques. Mamacita over at Scheiss Weekly wrote a great post around that last week (I won't make a link for obvious reasons but she's on my sidebar if anyone wants to take a look).

glomgold said...

I am quite certain it is hopeless to expect the best from people. On and off I still do anyway because I am just a complete idiot sometimes. Plus I don't know if it's better or worse to just let it all go...