How I'm doing today.

Hi Cathy.
You can talk here, it a decidedly friendly place of late.

I didn't get the job I interviewed for, but they did let me know that they liked me, just they promoted from within. Still looking. Working for the next couple of weeks (another odd job) but still taking offers. Either way, I took it hard yesterday because this one sounded like a good place with good people, guess that's why they gave someone they know a shot.

Today I'm off, kinda not in keeping with what I'd have wanted, but at least I have something to do tomorrow.

So the general synopsis is that I'm doing fine. Maybe I'll get to work on my fingerpicking. I suck at that. Spent the morning sending out resumes and visiting some places, no big possibilities, but some little ones.

I pray everyone stopping by is having a great day. As for the first comment of this post, I hope everyone feels free to talk. I don't much care if you stay on subject. How's your day? Also, I got rid of the counter thingy and have no intentions of getting another one up, so if you don't tell me your day's events or about your new thingamadoodie, I won't even know you were here. So if you want to stay lurky that should be easy here.

I like this privacy. It makes me feel kinda soft and squishy. Cuddly as a stuffed frog. I kinda hate how open and sanded down I'm coming across today.

Golly I hope you're all happy.


Kat said...

We are all doing fine here! I don't know if you keep up at my blog, but I was separated, and now we are working it out. I'm happy, he's happy, kids are happy. We are just taking it a day at a time!

Keep postive about the job thing. It takes time to find just the right one!

Anonymous said...

hey kev! thank you. i missed this. yesterday was crappy. apollo, my horse, had to find a new place to live until our barn is done being built. he has a big grass field now and two new buddies to play with. i got a report this morning that he thinks he's in heaven. you'll have to come see him soon. and feed him carrots and peppermints. today is better.

Arethusa said...

Happy is probably a stretch, but I'm livin'. Hope you find a good job soon.