I dislike most people.

Every so often I get up a little early and watch VH1 and Mtv to see a video (they still play them when they think no one is watching). It's always a bit sad to me. I'm not gonna turn into bitchy old guy and say all the music is shit, because it's not, it's just a little worse-it's mediocre. But damn it all got so pretty. I like my music without all the product placement and make up.


Arethusa said...

I can't tell the last time I watched a vid.

Oh, right, when everyone was fussing over Jessica Simpson's "Boots are Made for Walking". It didn't seem that sexy to me, it was just like every other hoocher vid. Oh well.

glomgold said...

We tried starting a band who's motto was "the best of the mediocre" and we were trying to write very mediocre music. The best! That has fallen by the wayside in favor of hopefully better material. But it was kind of funny.