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I'm up tonight and Emailing. Writing even more poorly than usual. Thinking about long gaps in time and how we get to know those people who become our friends. It's all about stories. I wish you'de leave them here or send them to me-your stories that is. I'm interested in other people's lives more than my own. I should give more guidence than this, I know. Just feel free if you want to tell tales anytime.

I've been doing some carving, lately. I'm not very good at it, I get by, but I have a beautiful black walnut tree in my yard that has to come down and I'm hoping to make some things out of it. I know I want to make a chair or two. I'd like to do some carvings out of it as well. I love the tree, and I hate to see a thing die and then just be dead. I feel I have to use it or eat it or keep loving it. Some day I'd like to learn how to make instruments. Guitars and mandolins. I can't think of much cooler than playing something you made. I've assembled a few guitars and basses, but to take some lumber and make a hollow guitar out of it has always made fireworks go off inside me.

Also I hate the fourth of July. Fuck all that fireworks and noise. About 5 years ago or so I was in the car with my friend Jeff when some one in the car behind us tried to kill somebody in the next car over. It was maybe three weeks before the 4th, so I spent a lot of time jumping at every bang that could have been a gun shot. Right now I'm compiling a CD of songs that mention the 4th or fireworks, so if you have suggestions, please let me know. So far I have 21, but input always makes me smile.


Kat said...

How great that you want to make something out of your tree! Most people just get rid of trees without even thinking about it.

Stories. Hmmm...Can't think of anything long right now, too early in the morning. Here is something cute: Every time we take my oldest to school or pick her up, my little one (19 months old) will point to the field across from the school and yell "COW". She is just learning to talk, but her best words are animal words. When we are heading away from the cows she says "bye bye".

Oh, and she calls dogs "goggys".

Have a good weekend!

Kevin said...

I am 362 months old and I still like to make the sound animals make when I see them. I don't say cow, I say Moo.

Jen said...

I understand about the tree - and trees always seem to be a bit more permanent than other things - it makes me sad when they are in the final stages of life - it seems so undignified - like it would be more fitting for a tree to just simply vanish than to just sit there and fade away. Please make something beautiful