Were you disappointed with
The last thing that I said?
I know it wasn't very kind
But it's exactly what I meant.

Were you wounded by the last
Scrap that I threw you?
And did it hurt so much
Because it was so true?

Did you think I'd let you walk away
Care free and fey

So yeah,
Ask yourself again
Did you really think I'd stay?

Were you just a little scared
At the Voodoo doll I sent?
I guess razors were a bit much
But it seemed a fitting end.

Was it a bit over the top
to carve your face in the truck bed?
I need a daily reminder
I can see overhead.

So when I'm flying past
Every miserable day
while your away

I ask myself
If I really though I'd stay

Over in the park
Across from where you live
I built a little house
And a bridge made out of toothpicks
So that everytime I see you
Instead of feeling small
I take a toothpick out
And add a sliver to my wall

So yell over sometime
And tell me it's OK
I'm invisible

I'm a disembodied voice
Did you really think I'd stay

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