This is just to say

that the rainfall of kindness all of you have committed makes me feel pretty damned good. I didn't think that I'd keep doing this, and I didn't think I'd be missed. I'm not sure if y'all exactly missed me, but you made me think so. That's enough.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...


Arethusa said...

Of course we really did, silly Kevin.

Kat said...

Of course we missed you!

Rae Ann said...

Yeah, you were missed! And I was looking at my blogpatrol account and saw that someone has been googling you. They came to my blog because I had mentioned your old blog a couple of times. I removed those old links.

Mary said...

So are you sure yet?

Missed muchly.

Anonymous said...

I have thrown out
the lizard
that was in
the freezer
and which
you were probably
for burial

Forgive me
it was freezer-burned
so dead
and so cold

Kevin said...

someone got it. No fucking anonymous posts, though.

Anonymous said...

jeez - you don't have to swear at me - no more anon - fine!

Kevin said...

That's still kinda anonymous, but I do appreciate Williams and Crane refernce in the same set of comments.

Anonymous said...

who in the hell do you think it is that would be sitting around in the middle of day, not at work, occassionally perusing your blog and making lame poetry references?

Kevin said...

I had a pretty good guess.