unpacking. already it's cluttered.

To extend the metaphor of this world wide web as a geographic plane, I think of this as my room. It just got bigger since I moved from what was a nice three bedroom flat full of hostile bastards waiting for me to say something they could take offense with. Now I just have the ornery room mate to deal with. All my songs are here, I feel like a lot of shit with no shelves for. I started this blog as storage.

I don't really give a shit if any one reads the song lyrics. I consider them rather impotent and half useful without meter and melody. I use this space to be able to access them from any port with a computer.

Nothing more.

I don't intend to solicit your input on them, but you'll have to let them share space with these ramblings as I still forget my words all the time over at Jay's and it's handy to have them. I just keep getting the feeling that they might be a bit miffed as this used to be their sole domain. But, fuck em. They seem to show up like the flu, without much gestation save contact with other folks. I can't make 'em show or anything so fuck em. They've been inconstant friends and poor company at that. They tend to get me in more trouble than not and they just have to let y'all and the new bedmates in.

But you can ignore them if you want. If you talk to them they just get puffed up and self important.

I'm gonna have to get used to the place, but I just may have to paint in here. I really like blue.

I hope like hell I get the job I interviewed for earlier this week. I hate to say it and jinx the fucker, but I do. And I'm knocking on some wood. Say a little hope chant for me or something.


Mary said...

*sings hope chant*
*sends good vibes*
*listens to 'Polaroid'*
*feels really really good*

Kat said...

Nice room! If it has lyrics thrown in here and there, it just shows us the real you. I throw all kinds of shit around on my blog. Pics, poetry, fiction, personal crap. Anybody don't like it, screw 'em.

Ok, if that sounded fucked up, sorry, I've had a few drinks!

Rae Ann said...

Hope you get the job too!

glomgold said...

I'm not saying anything because I don't want to jinx.
I'm reading the song lyrics but contemplating on them and haven't commented. It takes me time to digest.