brief dive into Katrina which I've left alone until now.

I don't get too political, but sometimes I just can't stand it. I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear any of my sacriligous hippy thoughts, but I feel safe if I link actual quotes.

And I know one of the people on this list personally. That's the most embarassing part.

Last night I was at a family party for Bucket's brother who just got engaged after 7 years of dating the same fabulous girl. It was a big affair, they're Italian and everything is a big affair. I got into this discussion with her uncle who kept asking why people didn't just leave New Orleans. I like the guy, and he's not a rich man, but having been broke, I know you can't just pick up and leave. Moving or even getting out of town costs money. Some folks don't have cars. Let's just say you walked right out of town or hitched or whatever-then what? You can't get a hotel and you can't rely on the kindness of strangers. You have a few hundred thousand other people trying to camp and eat. Sometimes, whether it's smart in hindsight or not, you stay put and pray or hope or whatever you do.

I don't blame any one but the motherfuckers that got out the guns for those trying to help. They can fuck themselves with great big watermelons and fire caulk.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Well blogged, Kevin. And do you think it's possible that the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will bring a better understanding of the plight of refugees in other parts of the world, escaping in desperation from their own natural disasters or, worse, conflict/war/genocide?

No. Thought not.

Arethusa said...

watermelons soaked in hot pepper sauce.

glomgold said...

Zinnia, definitely no. Terrorist attacks here didn't really change our behaviors either. I'm sure there are many more looters in the wings, waiting for the next disaster so they can get that new pair of Nikes.