I play in something like 20 hours....

If you haven't been to my website lately it's time to get some new songs. After that you can come back here and find the lyric (if I wrote it) and then use the space hidden behind this post to tell me what an asshole I am. Please use the button with the word "comments" below to view the bat cave.

Sorry, no bat pole.


Anonymous said...

i'm listening to you while i'm working on proposals which looks like it's going to be most of my day today. love budget planning season. my co-workers find you less disturbing and obnoxious than the pussycat dolls. therefore asshole quotient is low.

Mary said...

Loving Solitary Medley. Yes, I know that's an older one, but I'm just hearing it now. Sarah's Mind is good, too.

Polaroid continues to be one of my all time favorite songs. It quickly moved up to my 'top 25 most played' songs in my iTunes after so many plays. I have over 8,880 songs in my library, so that's saying something. Although I know just saying that I love the song so much I can feel it in my bones is enough for you.

I've been sharing your music and the website with friends.
Good stuff.