I thought I'd post this as a preface to the next post....

Fear and Trembling

My first taste in the basement
Burning my throat
I met my father when I was
Thirteen years old.
My first smoke on a barn roof
I threw up in the snow
Stayed out in the park in the dark ‘til I wasn’t
White as a ghost.
Winter would creep in
And kiss my bones.
I’d linger longer
And lose control.

Everything that I say - I can do
I can feel you
From farther away than the god they say loves us;
But I never pray, and that seems far away
And full of fear and silhouettes I pray
To beer and cigarettes.
Everything that I see I can be
Can you feel me?
As big as the sea or a god who’s free
To love us, but I don’t agree
Nothing is free.

My grandfather
Fought over seas
He learned how to slaughter
And dug latrines (or planted trees)
My mother’s his daughter;
She raised me alone.
She burns for warmth,
I burn for show.

Everything within range goes aflame when she walks by
She’s hotter than I,
And better than I’ll ever be.
She can sniff out a lie from a mile and she calls your bluff
And she’s tough,
But she’s fair
And it bears remembering
The air
Of fear and trembling

Everything that I claim
I can blame
On my father is probably mine.
It’s healing with time.


glomgold said...

"She burns for warmth,
I burn for show."

I really like this line.

Mary said...

glomgold zoomed right in on what my favorite line is, too.

I already told you how much I love the lyrics to this song, especially the lines about your mother. Thanks for posting them!