Lost and Found

I never did
Get to fuck you in that '86 Caprice
On that big bench seat
Still I know I got more miles out of you than that shitty 4.3
I never did
Thank you for the way that you dismissed me
And how you kissed me
After years and years the taste of you won't leave

While I'm broken
I'm open
I know you thought I'd always be around
Your memory lately
Stops by to celebrate me
Lost and found

When I look back
All that self talk and that self help was a bore
Smoking on your back porch
But you found time
To torture me with all the details of the guy you left me for

You didn't blind me
But you defined me
For a while there I was nothing but your hound
Your memory come lately
To irritate me
Lost and found

Ugly from one angle
Beautiful moved one degree
Talking sotto voce
So your parents stay asleep
Telling me I'm gentle
And then showing me I'm mean
Your left hand lighting cigarettes
Your right hand in my jeans

Not that you loved me
But me exploding where you touched me
That red light bulb almost burned down the house
Your memory lately
Still fascinates me
Lost and found

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