Please fuck yourself for finding me.

And of course to punctuate all the good things in my life I got another nasty-gram under a below post. I guess I'm not as free to speak as I like and the honor system no anonymous comments has to go. If you don't have the nuts to tell me who you are and why you have such a problem with me then shut the fuck up. I didn't move my blog and ask not to be linked because I thought it would be a great thing for me. I did it so I could speak freely without offending anyone who seems to find my existence unpleasant. I'm sorry if you went through the trouble of finding me to tell me I'm not as important as I think I am.

But I am. I'm the biggest thing in my life. I'm the only thing I can control and the only thing I can improve. I'm the only fucking clay I can do anything with.

Please, if you're not gonna be a friend then at least don't stop by to be a prick. I'm doing Ok without you and I don't need you popping up to make me feel bad. I have enough things I can feel like shit about. If it satisfies you, you hurt my feelings again. I've done my part to stay the fuck out of your way, now sign the social contract and get the fuck out of my shit.

This isn't an important thing. It's a goddamn blog. I don't have any insight or meaning to offer. But this is mine. I like it and it gets some of the inside out. It is all about me. If you don't particularly like the subject, don't read. And if I take a little trouble to avoid you, respect that. Return the favor.

I have and will extend my hand in gestures of friendship toward those I care about. There are definately some relationships I'd like to restore, and some I'm happy to see fallow.

If you need to read this then read, I'm not moving again, but shut the fuck up. Your opinion doesn't matter here. Go live a fine, rich life. Let your talents and ideas shine. Share your story with people. Meet all kinds of interesting people and be a better human being through those associations. Write a book or a song,or paint a picture. Whatever blows your hair back. If I read it or see it or hear it, I'll either like it or I'll hate it, but I'll tell the people I care about how I feel about it rather than you.

You aren't a part of my life anymore. I'm cool with that, and you can hurt me but that's all. You'll never touch me this way. I can take whatever comes. I'm fucking made for pain.

Just keep in mind that this faceless shit I can't respect and I can't repair, so good luck and either leave me alone or face me. I'm not an angry guy and a cup of coffee would be nice.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

'Anonymous' is, IMHO, a plonker. Making a comment like that in blogland is a rude breach of etiquette at best; most people seem to manage to stick to the convention of 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything'. And leaving such a rude comment without even putting your name to your words is a cowardly act. Interesting that you seem to think you know who it was. I'd love to know whether you're right - but somehow I don't think 'Anonymous' will be keen to tell us all of his/her identity.

Greg said...

Think of all the happy things like rainbows, butterflies, and furry little animals. I don't mind leaving my name here, but I do miss making up names like "The Rudder"

Arethusa said...

I'm sorry to see that someone made a particular effort to screw with you. Clearly they have their problems. You just deal with your own. :)

glomgold said...

'anonymous' types never have anything worthwhile to say, do they?
It amazes me not only the quality but the quantity of your lyrics. I've made attempts at writing words to some of our band's songs and not only do they blow bigtime, but it's a task for me to even complete one.

Bone said...

That's right, pardner; he writes like a boid. Sings like one, too.

I tried to post this anonymously a) because it's been a while since someone posted a niceanonymous comment and b) just to piss you off. I learnt later, much to my chagrin, that this blog does not allow anonymity. I must thus reveal my true face.

Great song. Go listen to it some more. I just did. I found it cool, crisp and refreshing.

wtfogirl said...

i am sad that the decepticons have discovered you and are messing with this.

i'm with greg that it makes me sad that i can't make up silly names to post with but ah well.

when all else fails, think of happy monkeys swinging in trees.

canadian beer is kinda strong. i do enjoy it however, sometimes, a bit too much perhaps. i think it's bed time now.

miss you