Pushing the focus away from me.

Badassmotherfucker of the week goes (again) to Glomgold who stops by here and reads everything and leaves coherent comments. Yes, I am bravely leaving footprints all over the goddamned world wide web with links. I'm no expert at security, so I'm sure my muddy little feet track this place's mud all over the fucking place. Well, I'm not gonna get all public or anything just yet, but I've decided that I'll be damned if I'll overtly hide. Either way, I look forward to your page-you're a wise and funny dude, man, and I'm alweays really happy when you spread cheer all over the fucking place here. I'd buy you a beer and watch you drink it like my dogs watch me eat. You get extra swell points for listening to my music when it's not at all your cup of tea and giving honest feedback.

First runner up is gonna have to be Mary. That girl just always makes me feel good. I stop by her blog all the time and always feel mute in the face of how well she gets across what a good person she is on a printed page. You don't get my comments, but I'm sorry the young, drunk and in love almost ruined Tori for you (well, for a night) and I'm flattered to be in your playlist with such fine company. You will always be one of my favorite of the people I've come across through this medium and a reason to write. I try to do you proud.

On that note, I'm embarassed by what this blog has become. I know what I want it to be, and I know all the feelings behind all of these banalities I'm calling posts, but I've been so innocuous lately. When my energies return and we get settled into a new house I hope to leave something other than this scat around here. Knock of the cobwebs and say something of merit.

Just keep in mind that there's still a whole sky full of meaning underneath every platitude I type and that even if I'm overwhelmed and underachieving with the whole getting it out thing, it's still in there.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

You know what, I think you worry too much. I always enjoy reading your posts, even the ones you'd call banal and innocuous, because whatever else you're feeling, your joy in the creative possibilities of the language we share is always on view.

Mary said...

What Zinnia said.

And thank you for making my day. I DO get your comments because I have that handy comment listing in my sidebar. When I saw your name there today I smiled. You're one of my favorite people, too.

Anonymous said...

isn't the focus always on you? isn't that the reason why you do this? it is to get attention that you think you deserve.

glomgold said...

I enjoy your honesty in your posts and your lyrics. Kudos to you for taking this out of the spotlight because you felt your blog was being weighted down by too many others' frail sensibilities. I appreciate the 'badassmotherfucker' nod.