Somethings gotta give.

Maybe I'll open this back up to public scrutiny. I'm pretty sure that I don't have too many readers here anymore and some sick part of me wants them. The rub is whether or not I could be naked like I want if I went back out into this big scary world of online idiocy. Maybe I won't.

Fuck, when did paralysis become a defining trait for me? I can't figure out what got me so gun shy that I'm indecisive. I never read anything anymore and practicing rarely happens. I'm not quite to the point of disgusted with myself, but I'm close. I spend more time trying to get people to hear my music than playing it. We seem to have good solid traffic going through the site and regular readers. I'm gonna try to be happy. I've cut down my smoking. That's good, right? I've been writing a lot. That's OK, yes?

I'm not gonna let any one back in. If I can keep the world down to subscribers and all that it's manageable. I don't fucking know. For now I'm sticking with nudity over popularity. And I hate popularity. I'm pretty sure I'm boring myself these days, I can't imagine you're not bored shitless. Why go public to resounding silence. I'm gonna keep this and my dumb blood to myself a while longer.


Looks like we're getting a house for all of mine and Bucket's shit. One of these days We'll have a drummer and be able to do that, too. I have a whole bunch of crap to pick up out in Hinckley at some point. Work is going stellar. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I mean that.

And the fewer people in my life, the more they mean to me. Kisses.


F.W. Vulcan said...

Congrats on the house. Thought I'd something more to say. Well, love ya bro. I'l talk at you soon--maybe start thinking about another update soon?

glomgold said...

Less smoking, good. More writing, better. Being bored, sucks. Working? I wish. I sometimes wonder if I'm sabotaging my own life.

Mary said...

Great news about the house. And the less smoking and more writing. And being nude. LOL
I think you should let this blog be whatever you want it to be, Kevin. And if you change your mind about what it is as you go, so be it. I'll still read you.

But, um, I'm gonna keep my clothes on, ok? ;)