auto-immune deficiencies

Arguably the worst part of diabetes is that it sends our body normalcy barometer into a crazy whirligig. I suspect I may be getting a cold, but it could be fucked up blood sugar. I check and it's high, but I don't know why. Sometimes it's stress or the remnants of a large untested lunch, but when cold or flu or general malaise comes on your sugar goes up in the internal struggle for normalcy. It does this in you, too. During times of stress and illness or excitement the parasympathetic nervous sytem kicks in sending cortisol to all of your fight or flight parts, but you and all of your normal fucking pancreas' can handle it.

Sometimes when you ask me how I feel and I say I don't know you should take it at face value.

I sometimes think about lacking a spleen and having a bum pancreas. I imagine all of the damage I've done to my poor damn liver. For that matter what I do to my lungs. Thank god the kidneys are at fighting weight or I'd be a complete failure as a human system because, believe me, the brain does not function as it should. I spend a lot of time and energy attacking myself.

When at loss for things to contribute to the conversation bitch like an old man.


zack powers said...

taking care of a blog is like taking care of a dog. Always moving around, changing, attracting attention, getting dirty... I must say you do a fine job of maintaining this blog. It's very good and I'm learning a lot from you. Thanks.

please don't stop the great work you're doing.
my friends website is just starting > Dog Houses (nothing special really... might be good if you like dogs)

Good work! see ya.

Kevin said...

This is by far my favorite of the comment-sales-force commenting nuts. If only the motherfuckers in real life could be so thoughtful and complimentary. I think the secret may be not to really listen to anyone.

I'm buying a dog house. You big-balled, beautiful fucking salesman, Zack!

Jen said...

you ain't bald yet cowboy