Loss and change are such good friends.

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

This means that all of the wonderful things that everyone has said are gone bye-bye. I took this measure as I open this up for scrutiny again to give me a bit more of an idea what's going on. If somebody's gonna be a bitch I wanna know who. I have no desire for returning this kind of juvenalia, I just want to know who I should buy a beer for and who I should let buy me one.

Also this recent rash (visualize that word, rash) of comment spam is just not for me. I might go on back to the world of counters and such, too. I hope not, though. It's so much more rewarding imagining that everyone reads this.

Afterward: all of the above on this post was written last night whilst trying to install haloscan, I should note that I'm no tech dude and I'm not a child with the sponge of a brain that takes this stuff in easily. Right now I just want a little traffic. Some echo to tell me I'm not alone. And I'm gonna smash up my CPU if posting this makes Haloscan go away again. The worst of it is the helplessness of having no fucking idea how to make it work.

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