in my arrogance....

I created a yahoo group about the band. That was in September and no one joined. I have the button to join on the band blog that used to be my personal blog until everyone hated me for awhile. It seems to be better, now. Yeah, but still nobody joined and that';s kinda because I don't really promote it or care, but it seemed like a funny Idea at the time and I think that unbacked arrogance is sidesplitting.

All that is a lie. I'm deeply upset that no one will join my club. I've added the sign up button thingy as a footer, so scroll way down and join or I'll cry. And go look at the band's blog. We never update it and all of that, but your time really isn't all that precious. See, I have no real life since I've abandoned my main hobby of drinking until I can't walk very well and say the same thing over and over again. I was good at that.

Well, long story short, I try to contribute to the band site, the band blog, this blog and the stupid little tripod site that I'm no way gonna link because it's not really interesting and I don't know what it's about at all. I think I want it eventually to be about my thoughts on music that no one cares about. Either way, please don't laugh at me because I spend all this time in a made up world of ones and zeros. I don't meet so many people who like the shit I like and think I'm funny. I had to take my loneliness global.

Stop laughing at me and join my stupid group.

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