My sense of humor and I was born at the wrong time.

Someone tell me I'm a mess for really enjoying the cartoons here lately. I just kinda lurk at this blog, but I definitely think this is at least as funny as Chevy Chase used to be, much funnier than all those stupid fucking films they keep trying to sell me as comedy and almost as funny as America's Funniest Home Videos and some kid cracking dad in the berries.

I really need to take the time to get links up here. I like linking in posts, but I need a way to keep a tribute going on a more permanent basis.

I need to quote all the people I steal from.

Good weekend, over all. I won my first Ebay auction. Just some sheet music for my mother. I sanded the cieling where we patched it. Took advantage of garbage amnesty day, donated some clothes to folks even more broke than we are, wrote a song, and got the financing settled for the new house - here's a picture. It's old and if you don't think that's cool you can eat a goat's ass. 1860. The year Lincoln was elected they built my house. The picture doesn't make it clear, but it's painted brick. More on this place in another post.

I like shit that's earned some patina, some integrity that comes with standing for a long time. Old songs, old movies and definately old houses with old doors. Lead glass and big bands. Old neighborhoods and old stories. The way old people talk and the smell of pipes. Worn in leather.

I've said it before; I'm built for comfort, not for speed.

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