ring the bell for cash and prizes.

I'm holding a contest. There are prizes that include shiny things and cigarette pack wrappers.

Whatever I can find.

Perhaps an Email with an outstanding attachment of a song by Esquivel! or Miles Dewey Davis. You can decide.

I want to know what you really think of the name of this blog. No editing or holds barred. No punches pulled. I'm not gonna rename it or anything, but I thought that input on the subject might be nice. It's almost autobiographical. It's what I wish I said. Think way back. Pull the sentiment into the top of your throat like you need to spit - What did you wish you said? You can tell me.

I have this site bookmarked with the title "every little thing is gonna be alright."

Because it is. And if it isn't, what the hell can I do about it?

Forgive me, I've been somewhat under the weather. I've been nostalgic, as well, but not afflicted with the heavy, wet nostalgia that sits me down and makes me cry. this is kind of a good perspective heart-sick. Some of it has been me listening to songs I made with friends a long time ago and realizing that some were great, some were bad and in some I was just so young. Fuck, I still am.

As for the bad, shit, I improved. The good? I'm proud. I looked back and, at times, I had the sound I hear in my head. I really hope that there's a lotta music in my future. I'm in debt to those that help me make it and please don't hate me when I'm a prick trying to get that sound out of my head. Even if it ends up as a terrible or (worse) a negligable sound, it's mine and I'm gonna get it out whether anyone cares or not.

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