The things I do to fit in.

I realize that I'm usually late in my social commentary. I like to digest things, assimilate them if you will. I am shy about the Idea of being rectionary in order to be topical, up to date, all that crap defined as "relevant."

But sometimes being un-cool is just a little painful. Well, let's say uncomfortable. I think all the crap I wrote songs about when I was 22 and called it pain was about things that are uncomfortable. It takes a little pain, you know-the kind that shuts your mouth instead of making you bitch, to really put that in focus. Either way, I think we criticize our commentators and pundits fo their lack of wisdom and then demand 24 hour news coverage as it happens. Where is the time for introspection? Oh, and then there's that a lot of them are short sighted idiots with almost no sense of cause and effect and no consideration for the ugliness of human nature to inspire insight. They're pretty busy looking good and acting shocked.

Sometimes I want to fit in, so here it is, semi-current and completely un-thought out, actually skiing the precipice of not existing due to my lack of knowledge on the subject, reactionary annotation on current events:


He's republican and I'm not.

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