Do I offend?

First and most definately foremost, 99 came home after a three day stint in the pound. She stinks, but then she usually does. I'm happy enough to be with her again. I made her a welcome home banner, but she can't read. I got home from work today (Bucket had to go bail her out) and she walked into me and pressed her head into my chest for about 5 minutes. that's how we show doggy affection 'round here, we press, Sarah into my leg, 99 into the torso or head. I guess she still loves me and Cheryl says she does, so I'm not in too bad of shape. I am, however in a pretty lonely place online. I have a few message boards I post at here and there, but everypost I leave is apparently taken as a period even when ended with a question mark.

Lately I feel like I'm on fire. Or smelling like head cheese. Speaking of it, I don't have so much company here, now, do I? I think I just might be yelling into a tornado or something. Somebody say Hi. I'm staying really busy and I can't get to the posting thing much, but let me know it's not some vacuum.

Was it all the Anti-Christmas posts in this climate of putting the Christ back into Cristmas?

I can't really back down from the things I believe as firmly as the religious, and trust that other belief systms offend me as much as they do most people. You never think about it, but an agnostic's faith is as important and precious to them as the christian's. Hey, fuck it, the dog's home and the house, although it's security has been comprimised, is fantastic. I do believe like a stone or a song that you can choose what you align with and put faith in (like to some degree love) and I refuse to let some shithead kids make me lose the feelings I have for this kicj ass home that went 145 years without a deadbolt on the back door until we and the neighborhood delinquents came along.

Well say hi or go away. When you all leave me I'll find something else to express myself, publically bitch and vie for attention. I will be a post humous person.

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