I move next Friday.

Been awhile. How's it hanging? To the left? Ha. Yeah, me too. It's snowing here. I get to shovel in the morning. I look forward to the first shovel like the first mow. I can always romanticise what in a month will just be work. For a little while anyway. It looks beautiful 'til you turn the first corner in the truck. Time to get some two stroke fuel for the snowblower.

So much is going on that it's left me mute as a building. Big, empty and damn near useless. Packing and preparing a Holiday party and whispering Bah Humbug. I'm not a Christian and ergo not a holiday guy. I guess I could get all excited about equinoxes and the mid-point of the seasonal calendar or whatever you want to call it when the days stop getting shorter, but I make as shitty a pagan as I do a deist. Mostly I'm celebrating moving. Is this the time to reveal my faith? Nah, I guess not. I'll just say that it lies between agnosticism and apathy.

The nostalgia for this rental I've occupied for almost four years hasn't kicked in, though knowing me it will. I'm gonna miss the black walnut tree. My dogs are pissy about all the change and the boxes where they like to lay. It's cool how they sense things and the things they read. No one better tell me that they aren't sentient beings. They process information better than co-workers I know of with Master's degrees. There's decisions and moods. They make about as much sense as a person. My real post for the day is at smallshinythings.com. Or at least it should be by the time anyone reads this. If not this will have to do.

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