Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

How 'bout a happy post? Sounds good. Here I am, fucking around at my space and saw some profile comment that made me laugh and feel sad at the same time. Some guy left on some girls profile a comment along the lines of "...we should get together and get coffe. You look great and I"m still single."

I hope for some reason that he gets the girl. I mean on the surface he seems like an asshole (kinda) but no one can deny the panache of such an underhanded pass.

That's about as happy as I get.

I've been away from here. When I first started this I wondered how anyone could neglect their blog. It's such a clean catharsis, but then life takes over and that claim of not hving time for this comes true and here I am. Part of this is my defined lack of diligence in my reading of my favorite blogs, but I've had so much to do with the house and the move and getting my workshop set up in the basement. I've always wanted a respectable workshop. However you look at It I feel guilty writing without reading. I'm more into conversations than dissertations. Of course conversing with me is sometimes about being aggressive enough to get your finger in - but I am interested.

I've been dismissed from anger management early. Tonight's my last night. Looks like I'm not angry after all. I've been a little sad thinking of old friends. I've been busy at work. That's getting fun and interesting and all of that stuff. I've been making clamps. I've been playing with the idear of making a mandolin. I think it's actually right after the thinking about part and just before the buying the wood part. Anybody got about ten board feet of 1 inch thick spruce? How about any spare hardwoods for the back and side? quilted maple or quarter sawn walnut would be great. I've been making hardbodied instrument out of spare parts since I can remember, but that's just assembly with a little synaptic jumping for frosting. I'm going for the big stuff.

Alright, I've been away from research on wood and sharpening long enough. I'll see y'all soon enough. Or give me a call if you've got the number. I probably miss you a lot.

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