Whee! Ha Ha ! Glee!

This post brought to you by my neighbor-the nice man with the unsecured wireless connection thet I'm stealing right now. Wright now. But I'm back and the twisty li'l dark dude that went a li'l nutty last week is sweetnes and light.
I'm rediscovering my passive aggression and Emailing all of the people being picketed and protested by the American Family Association (that I agree with) to tell them that thy're not the anti-christ. I just think they should know that love, support and acceptance of all people was how I read into Christianity. Not that I buy, endorse or practice it, but the book was pretty good. I want them to know thtat this guy thinks that a healthy look at our sexuality is a good thing and that the corporal body can be fun. I love sex and I do it when I can. For that matter, if we're honest about it we could admit that watching people do it is pretty exciting. Go Porn!

I think there's worse things than wanting to film yourself fucking and wanting to buy that film. There's gay bashing and yelling at scared women outside of abortion clinics.

Also, if you go join the AFA (I did) you can send the support and love through their site! I don't really know if they check that stuff. I hope not, it would be a shit load funnier if my gay loving ways were routed through their servers.

I wonder if my sister still reads this? Kim, if you do, sorry, I know you don't want to know, but I like the occasional Blue Movie.

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