The weekend in links

I admit it, now. This blog is officially an empty tube. I stopped posting at most of the blogs I visit because I think I'm soliciting readers and I'm starting to think that would color what I write. I know most of my readers and am comfortable with this. I am nothing if not all about comfort. I lost my voice Friday at a wonderful show and I've enjoyed a weekend of relative quiet. It was for thought and ideas. I needed that.

Unfortunately I spent a lot of time online reading after watching "Loose Change". While I recommend it I can't say I believe it wholesale. Well, It took me to some sites I haven't visited in a long time, notably this one, a little crackpot in it's tempo, but unnerving nevertheless. The tangent took me to even more frightening extremes, like David Duke's seething and anti Semitic site as well as Al Jazeera and the State Department's resource sites. I don't really wish to share my thoughts on all of this without the luxuries of strong drink and close proximity, but I will note that my convictions become more and more solidly pacifist.

Definitely check out martinlutherking.org, which I refuse to link to out of abject disgust. The subversive nature of the URL is enough to make every truth it may hide a thing of shame. Sometimes truth in this context is as hideous as the lies that sit beside them. It's a big, scary world.

But it wasn't all negative. I strengthened my will on some issues and thought about a lot. I got to read some articles by Thomas Szasz, who gives some intellectual and academic credence to my distaste for some of our excuses and the damage I instinctually fear and feel to be inherent in psychology. I hung with the Bucket and played a little violin. I saw my folks. My stepdad's father passed away last night and I wish I'd known him better. I'm not sure I could have, though. We liked each other and that's enough. This is what was best for him. There wasn't any quality to his life any more. Sleep well, John. You live in memory now, I hope that's easier.

I need to sleep some more, myself. Good night.

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