Maybe I'm somewhere else just now.

I've been struggling lately with how much I want to keep this up. I guess I will post here every now and again with things I don't have a place for elsewhere (in Mary's vernacular), but I have the smallshinythings site, that blog, a little tripod site I'm messing around with and the article on Mandolin UK keeping me so busy that I'm not sure what's left for here. I'd like to find a way to get all these lobes connected, that was the idea behind the tripod site, but that one's hard to get to as well. I have a ton to say-from some counseling to a rather nasty wreck and the following new truck (no worries, it's a lot like the old one) but more and more I want to find a new way to get it out. All these words don't really seem to work, anyway.

You know, I see people stop by, but it's just not so easy to make everyone happy. Sorry if this ended up a bit disappointing.

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