that which does not destroy you....

I've spent so much of the last year on the outskirts of this, it's given me an interesting long view. It seems that so many of the web logs I enjoy have been on hiatus except for the few I know of making money. Almost daily I endeavor to return to a space I enjoyed in the past and find the dread 404 error or the list of similar domains that tell me that the site has been abandoned.

It's easy to see because I have let this go and contemplated just cashing in my chips. The advent of the blog may have passed, but I see it as a wonderful thing.

Yes, I will miss some voices. Yes there are a lot of sites I once loved that are graveyards for past thoughts, but more and more I find that the folks left are the folks who need it. These are the autobiographies I love. I read a political and pundit type of blog here and there, but I'm much more interested in the personal and the personal politics. I have a pretty high standard, there must be self awareness and insight, if you blog to bitch or have the word bitch in the title, odds are I'm not coming back. This post aside, I don't concern myself reading blogs about blogging. I hate so many things. Apparrently so do many of you left.

The ones that really do it for me are the ones where they hammer those hatreds into something better. Where there are reasons to hate christianity (for example that it could ever be interpreted as this), and the exchange of ideas that transcend political thinking or sound bite pop psychology is still a backed currency.

Like I keep saying in real estate, It's a weed out year.

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