Long absence. I wonder why I have no readers. There can be no quality without consistancy. But I return with anecdote in hand. I'm feeling a little invisible lately-we haven't been playing for two weeks and I dare say I miss it terribly. When we're good, we're very, very good, but when we're bad, Kev gets real drunk and wants to cry and quit.

Must be less wrapped up in our perfomance.

Either way, I'll tell a brief and un-shaded story of my fabled youth. I was kicked out of our current Speaker of the Houses' house on several occasions. Once we we're lighting fires in a garbage can and throwing Molotov Cocktails at the barn and the other time Josh beat up Ethan pretty good. I'm pretty sure we were asked to leave the night Josh burned the second house down with a candle.

I remember everything.

Maybe I should use this as a literary photo gallery or graveyard. Suck some of the poison out.

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