more things that I carry

I love evenings. I love this quiet time alone with Bucket asleep and the time gone to do anything I need to. It's outside of obligation and entirely mine.

I guess everyone assumes that they're good with people. At least everyone who can fool themselves into believing that they are "people persons". I'm learning how poor a judge of personality I am. How poorly I read people and therefor speak to them incorrectly. I'm direct with folks who need hedging and I hedge where I should shoot. I wish I was better at this. I find it in my friendships and at work, with the band and the self publicity that accompanies that. I need a little restraint and some better listening skills. I find myself pushing with softer personalitites because I can. Good listeners get me talking when it should be the opposite.

And every day is an opportunity I'm missing to improve. but I do love to unearth a challange. I hope all of this behaviour can be learned.

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