Taking a break

Getting out of the basement and out of my head. I've been working on Chris' guitar and I promise it will be a honey. Have Flannery O'Conner in the head as I wish there was someone around to shoot me all the time. Someone will get that.

Either way it amazes me that at 32 and having fixed guitars hundreds of times soldering is still largely a process of burnt fingers and prayer for me. All joints I've soldered are over done and mostly finished via lots of lead core on the bench and a good deal of luck. I really wish I was some kind of electrician.

And outside of it I ran into a bunch of people I used to know last night through some engineered accidents. Hi Julia! Hi Jen! Hi Peter! Hi Matt! Thanks for the Bass, Chris. You can sit on my couch and not eat Taco Bell anytime.

Got the house decorated for the holidays and now I have to watch the closed circuit show in my head about why I'm such a damned alien because I just don't get holidays and any need for them. Ritual and that entire seeking of patterns and systems is just so distant from me.

I just think you should know that I drink to make myself normal.

Back to work.

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