I had some dreams last night:

I was at a party at Mary's house; Mary is the only other person besides Matt, Gail, Greg and Jen who reads this and I've never met her-She lives across the country and I think stopped coming here and so I may be wrong about that reading this part. Either way, Thanks for the invite, Mary and I did bring a few friends and Bucket actually came which any one here can tell you is quite the honor. Somehow I wound up saying terrible things and acting generally awkward-both of which are pretty common these days as impending grief and inconclusive knowledge of how to react to it seems to be turning me into Billy.

Forget all that. There was a crossdresser there whose name I failed to get, but he only had 3 fingers and a thumb on the hand he shook mine with and then held on far too long whilst flirting with me with his boyfriend right next to him. I was pretty flattered. Either way Nat was there sitting on Bucket's lap-but somehow Matt was absent; that in and of itself is weird enough.

Some guy named Stewart (and somehow I'm positive it wasn't Stuart-there is some omniscence in dreams that allowed for the spelling to attach itself to the person) who I never saw but only heard from a closet (how un-subtly my head works) belly aching about the "fag". I think I got pissed at him and told him to get used to it.

Some other weird shit happened, but it kinda escaped into the wakeful ether. Mary, Sean and the kids came home in the middle. He's really a good guy-you're lucky to have him. At least the way I made him up. I felt like avoiding the younger set as I'm reasonable sure I was inexplicably shirtless for most of this.

Oh, The other dream involved me giving some lengthy treatise on monogamy to Courtney Cox explaining why I could not sleep with her. Seems she told me that her marriage was an open one and I told her that by definition that was impossible as marriage was not an intitution of love as much as of covenant.

In other words love waxes and wanes, but your word is permanant. That the biggest part of love is the saying it and making it true and that I loved my Boog. She decided to get all the other hot actresses there (sadly no Kate Beckinsale) to tempt me and test my resolve. I was glorious in my steadfastness.

It was some odd dry dream. I can just feel me getting old.

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