crazy old world, you know.

Since I deleted the counter I've been able to romanticize this blog. Feel Like everyone reads me. I know when people did, and it wasn't a bad little prom queen feeling. I had some traffic, but now-and today in particular-I feel a little popular.

I won't explain; either somebody got it or I got it wrong. I can live with both. Either way I've neglected here. Not that I won't more, but I am still in love with what this gives me.

And funny that last week I went off a little to Jen on confessional poetry when I value this so highly. I can justify by saying that there is no aspiration to anything as large as poetry here. I'm aware that this is mostly garbage and very self involved, but so am I.

I think that the time for the blog died. There's audio and video and all that, and we're a lot less interested in folks day to day than we used to be around here, most of my favorites are ghost town, but I still like words. I can't take a picture and I can't write a song everyday, but this is McVoice. Easy to get out and cathartic and somehow goo for me. I guess the true poetry here is that even if no one reads here anymore I have it and I can fool myself into thinking they do.

Thanks for listening to me say the same, self aware things over and over and over and over.

I like to.

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