Well, it's May meaning April is gone nighty night and I can inhale without the gravity of some horrible thing exposing itself just to the left of my right shoulder or some other nasty place pushing on me like the fat girl on the lawn chair. It probably will, but it should surprise me at this point in the year. I'm not particularly salty about anything, which translates into nothing to say for me. I should stop reminding you that this is an exercise and just do it like the shoes want me to, but I guess that'll come when it does.

I'm waiting for that north star of self awareness to pass in this commitment. I have all of this soft fluffy stuff fill my head all day and I say to myself "Kev, remember this tonight when the keyboard starts telling you that you can't do anything right" but I never do remember and I stare at my fingers and look up at the screen here and there and just expect something better. All I do on these nights its try to say nothing as well as I know how.

That's all you're gonna get out of me. I have some work to do to record tomorrow and I'm never prepared enough.

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