find your own.

Just today I got to thinking about trust. I guess it would have been natural to consider it a few weeks ago, but it just hit me today. I'm wondering if those parts are hurt. I took a long time to find the place where you just let go and stop thinking about what your lover could be doing. I never got dumb, I guess I knew when the time to quit with the trust was, after time allowed for denial and general shitting yourself.

That would be fun; a General Shitting Yourself. I'll draw his portrait. look for it later in the year.

At any damn rate, I don't want to turn into some wounded bastard who needs constant love and reassurance. There is the part of me that keeps getting near some random girl and beating a hasty retreat back to my corner of Aurora. What's that? there's the part of me that found an empty house and wanted to sit in it forever and not let anyone in.

My cave.

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